Intopia business plan

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Intopia’s Year in Review (2016-17)

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Strategy & consulting

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give a good example of some good companies and how to evaluate the BP, and some more feedbacks about it.”. Cesim provides a broad portfolio of easy-to-use business simulations for educational institutions and corporations.

As a leading education technology company we offer customizable, flexible, web-based simulations, compatible with all devices and operating systems. The Intopia Business Simulation ensures that we not only get knowledge, but that we also develop the skills needed for our future managerial careers.

About Sona Rostomyan Sona Rostomyan is a full-time MBA student at ESMT who was nominated as one of the Kofi Annan Fellows this year.

INTOPIA B2B is a PC simulation of Global Business Strategy in the management game format. It provides a pilot experience in running your own international business.

Participant executives or students range from 9 to + and are divided into company teams. Intopia’s Director of Accessible Technologies, Adem Cifcioglu, presented Accessibility Beyond the Screen at The Web Meetup in Melbourne on 8 May For a long time, when we thought about accessibility, the first thing to come to mind was the Screen Reader on a computer.

INTOPIA B2B is a PC simulation of Global Business Strategy in the management game format. It provides a pilot experience in running your own international business. A better understanding of international business is a prerequisite in the era of globalization!

Intopia business plan
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